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Whistling Ridge Vineyards La Terra Pinto Noir

2011 La Terra Pinot Noir

The Whistling Ridge 2011 Pinot Noir is a constant discovery. It has been exciting to experience the evolution of this vintage which promises more great things to come as it cellars. The fresh and cheerful aromatics bring to mind red cherries and spice. There is a tanginess to the palette that consists of berry and cherry flavors complimented by a full and warm finish of spice. This wine is a testament to Marcus Goodfellow’s amazing skill at crafting a balanced Whistling Ridge Pinot Noir with acidity and complexity.

2012 il vento pinot noir2012 Il Vento Pinot Noir

The ideal conditions that led up to the 2012 Pinot Noir vintage cannot be overstated. It is a truly fabulous wine. This robust wine offers a rich and plentiful pallet with floral overtones. In the nose you will find a combination of blackberry and boysenberry, with floral hints of cherry blossom and red rose. This wine is mature beyond its years and will continue to improve in years to come.

2013 La Terra Pinot Noir

2013 Pinot Noir

In the Willamette Valley no two vintages are alike. The 2013 Vintage was no exception. After a long and dry season, one of the driest on record, over the weekend of September 27th the rains hit like a roaring lion, dropping more than 6 inches of rain in just over 5 days! and right at harvest. Many wineries had to rush the fruit in and hope for the best, while some waited for the rains to end before harvesting. Whistling Ridge waited and the results are amazing. Enjoy the lush and rich cherry fruit and spicy notes with lingering acidity finishing softly on the mid-palette.

2014 pinot gris2014 Pinot Gris

Simply delightful. That describes the 2014 Whistling Ridge Pinot Gris. The lovely nose of lemon zest, tart pear, and floral notes introduce you to a pallet of honeydew melon and white peaches followed by a crisp, clean finish that brings you back to the original description: simply delightful.